Impressive animated particle backgrounds


A lightweight, dependency-free and responsive javascript plugin for particle backgrounds. Particles.js is an impressive animated particle background. It’s written in plain vanilla Java­Script.

  • Fullscreen background
  • In a fixed width and height container
  • Multiple colors
  • Use breakpoints

Browser support
particles.js supports all major browsers including IE9+.



Option Type Default Description
selector string Required: CSS selector of your canvas element
maxParticles integer 100 Optional: Maximum amount of particles
sizeVariations integer 3 Optional: Amount of size variations
speed integer 0.5 Optional: Movement speed of the particles
color string or string[] #000000 Optional: Color(s) of the particles and connecting lines
minDistance integer 120 Optional: Distance in px for connecting lines
connectParticles boolean false Optional: true/false if connecting lines should be drawn
responsive array null Optional: Array of objects containing breakpoints and options

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